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Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre Inc. (MFNERC)

Now in its 19th year of operation, the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre is proud to acknowledge Manitoba’s First Nations operated schools by celebrating their accomplishments. First Nations educational and political leadership recognize that the knowledge and culture entrenched in community history and practice has to be what paves the way to ensuring that schools and students thrive. Unity and collaborative efforts are what have produced ground breaking initiatives, resources and curricula. Without the foundation of the Dakota, Ojibwe, Cree, Ojibwe-Cree and Dene languages, cultures and traditions, this would not have been possible. Many of the First Nations have moved beyond reconciliation by embracing their rich heritage to ensure healthy and culturally based learning environments. In the past year, there has been the creation of a Manitoba First Nations School System. It is a winning outcome of the concerted efforts of schools and community leadership working hand in hand.

This year’s Lighting the Fire will showcase workshops that exemplify the reclamation of language, culture and traditions and how they are manifested in school projects, initiatives, curricula and school planning. The First Nations school system will be highlighted featuring the schools involved and what this has meant in all areas related to the educational operations of the community.


Some Workshop Topics Include:

  • Alternative Education: Thinking Outside the Box
  • Retiring in 5 Years – Sources of Income
  • Teaching Empathy Through Animated Stories
  • Holding Culture, Language & Tradition in First Nations
  • Make Your (Power) Point with Self-publishing
  • Changing the Way We Teach with AR/VR in the Classroom
  • Breaking Down Activities to Build Student Success
  • SOAR – Using Digital Assessment in Your Classrooms
  • Self-Management for the Culturally Responsive Educator
  • Introduction to Robotics with Dash & Dot
  • The Impact of Geometry on Arts and Crafts
  • Indigenous Humour
  • Using Technology to Support Math Curriculum Implementation
  • Managing Challenging Behaviour
  • Ojibway Language Immersion and Culture Camp – Ebb and Flow First Nation
  • Exploring Mathematics Support Documents for Teachers (Grades 5-8)

To see the full list of Workshop names, descriptions and speakers, please visit www.GoToRegister.ca/LightingTheFire

To register or for more information:


Toll Free: 1-866-644-2065

Fax: 1-866-644-2084

Email: LightngTheFire@GoToRegister.ca

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The Banff Centre

  • Indigenous Strategic Planning – September 23-28, 2018
  • Indigenous Negotiation Skills Training – October 21-26, 2018
  • Truth and Reconciliation Through Right Relations – October 22-26, 2018
  • Leading Teams: Governance for Indigenous Councils and Boards – November 4-9, 2018
  • Project Management for Indigenous Organizations –  November 4-9, 2018
  • Wise Practices in Indigenous Leadership and Management Development – November 25-30, 2018
  • Indigenous Women in Leadership – December 2-7, 2018

For details or to register: www.GoToInfo.ca/BanffCentre

Toll Free: 1-866-935-6904

Fax: 1-866-402-9692

Email: BanffCentre@GoToInfo.ca

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Women Building Futures

This program prepares Class 5 drivers to successfully obtain their Class 3 licence. This will allow drivers to operate trucks with up to three axles, which transport goods or carry loads.

Drive equipment such as snow plows, wireline trucks and hydrovacs. Work in industries such as Oil & Gas, Road Construction and Hydrovac Services.

This program will appeal to women who have a class 5 licence, a great attitude, and are motivated to become a commercial driver.

The program includes:

  • Construction Safety Training System (CSTS-09)
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)
  • Roadbuilders Safety Training System (RSTS)
  • Healthy Choices for Productive Work
  • Driver Specific Training
  • Alberta Air Brake Endorsement
  • Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC)
  • Driver Logbook course
  • Complete an Edmonton and area truck routes program
  • Alberta Class 3 written and road exams
  • Financial Tool Kit
  • Best practices for working in construction, series of workshops
  • Earned Employment Referrals, Job Search Training and Job Retention Support

For more information or to register:


Toll Free: 1-866-979-4434

Fax: 1-866-979-3514

Email: WomenBuildingFutures@GoToInfo.ca

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The Banff Centre

  • Indigenous Strategic Planning – May 13-18, 2018 and September 23-28, 2018
  • Project Management for Indigenous Organizations – June 17-22, 2018 and November 4-9, 2018
  • Indigenous Negotiation Skills Training – October 21-26, 2018
  • Truth and Reconciliation Through Right Relations – October 22-26, 2018
  • Leading Teams: Governance for Indigenous Councils and Boards – November 4-9, 2018
  • Wise Practices in Indigenous Leadership and Management Development – November 25-30, 2018
  • Indigenous Women in Leadership – December 2-7, 2018

For details or to register: www.GoToInfo.ca/BanffCentre

Toll Free: 1-866-935-6904

Fax: 1-866-402-9692

Email: BanffCentre@GoToInfo.ca

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Idea Connector Network

Empowering Indigenous Women

There are no national Indigenous women entrepreneurs’ networks in Canada; while numerous networks support the interests of non-Indigenous business women. Should there be?

What if…

  • A National Indigenous Women Entrepreneurial Ecosystem was created?
  • A collaborative Entrepreneurial Ecosystem was created to develop, build capacity and provide better support to aspiring Indigenous women entrepreneurs and small business owners?

You are invited to a FREE webinar about creating a National Indigenous Women Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

To reserve your seat and for details including the list of panelists:


Plus! Share your vision by taking our short survey


Share Your Vision about Empowering Indigenous Women by participating in our short 6-question survey. Cut off is April 23, 2018 at 11:00 EST. CLICK HERE FOR THE SURVEY

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What Will I Learn?:

  • Dysfunctional ways people mishandle grief and its intergenerational effect on Communities
  • Emotional damage of rationalization and intellectualization
  • Why Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance Models are the wrong approach for grievers
  • Effective and  proper techniques for identifying and resolving loss and relationship conflicts
  • Edu-Therapy™ Process formats for individual and group work
  • How to expand your caregiving agency using Edu-Therapy™
  • How to resolve cumulative unresolved issues such as PTS and the Residential School Experience, abuse and trauma
  • How to deal with what’s known and what’s not … when someone goes missing (Ambiguous Loss)

Participants will achieve a stable cognitive process to continue to help themselves and their Community with on-going support for 5 years from Edu-Therapy™ Support. As Physical Care Costs escalate often, Mental Health needs are neglected. Once Certified as an Edu-Therapy™ Specialist in as little as 6 hours per week, one specialist can bring Mental Resolution of the pain and sadness caused by loss to over 200 people per year. Trained teams can escalate these numbers adding to the resiliency of the Community as people begin to heal at less than the cost of a trip to the
ER where little to no emotional care is given.

SPECIAL PRICING – Call and ask about individual, small group and large group registration discounts.
POST-SECONDARY STUDENTS – Call and ask about a special offer to students currently engaged in post-secondary education.
SAVE 50% – Are you already an Edu-Therapy™ Certified Specialist and would like to refresh your skills? Call and SAVE 50%!
SAVE TRAVEL COSTS – Host a training in your Community for groups of 15 or more, and save the travel! Call for details

Saskatoon, SK: April 13-16, 2018

Thunder Bay, ON: May 4-7, 2018

Moncton, NB: June 1-7, 2018

Calgary, AB: July 20-23, 2018

Register today! Programs fill up quickly.

Toll Free: 1-866-476-0209
Fax: 1-866-430-8296

Email: Grief@GoToRegister.ca
Web: www.GoToRegister.ca/Grief

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Be A Part of Your Community’s Future

Trade Show | Engaging Keynote Speakers | Networking Opportunities | Informative Workshops

The National Aboriginal Trust Officers Association (NATOA) is delighted to host another successful Trust and Investment Conference. The 2-day national event is designed to provide an informative and interactive venue for all those involved with Aboriginal Trusts. Speakers will represent both the Indigenous Communities who have established, or in the process of establishing, and maintained successful Trust operations, and members of the Corporate Industry that effectively service these Communities.

The theme of this year’s conference is Be A Part Of Your Community’s Future.

We all have the opportunity to make decisions that affect our future generations to come. From the short-term needs of current population to the longer-term goals of economic prosperity, healthy opportunities and education that reflect traditional and cultural values.

The 2018 NATOA National Indigenous Trust and Investment Conference will provide you with valuable information on how some of our communities have been able to implement successful strategies that provide great benefit to their people. From Responsible Investment decisions that impact our environment and traditional lands to the Indigenous rights we hold in such high regard to the day to day management of our Trust funds, this conference will help you ensure your community will be set on the proper path for success.

Set in the beautiful traditional lands of the Kootenay, Stoney, Blood, Peigan, Siksika and Tsuu T’ina peoples, the Banff environment will be a relaxing and educational experience.

Check out the updated  Agenda online! GoToRegister.ca/NATOA

For details or to register, visit www.GotoRegister.ca/NATOA

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Team Safety

Become a School Bus Driver in Your Community

Our mission is to deliver quality training and safety information to all interested First Naon Communities including organizations, groups and/or individuals.

Our School Bus Driver Training Program is designed with every school bus driver and school bus operator in mind. The focus is on behavioral modification tools for teaching drivers to be safe, aware, focused, educated and responsible drivers.

  • Our instructors will come to your Community
  • Your Community will provide the venue, vehicle for training purposes and accommodations and travel for instructor
  • We supply all course and training materials
  • Driver Training Course is generally 40 hours (1 person) depending on driver experience and aptitude for driving larger vehicles. This does not include the 8 hour School Bus Driver Improvement Course (SBDIC)
  • In-vehicle training can be for 1 to 4 persons; 4 persons in-vehicle will be approximately 100 hours
  • Each session is designed to be site specific, interactive and results oriented
  • School Bus Driver Improvement Course (SBDIC) – Mandatory in Ontario for Applicants for a Class “B”E” license

Upon completion of this course, participants will have received a professional level of information and insight that will maintain or elevate your Community or organization’s known reputation for having ONLY THE BEST.

For more information or to register:

Toll Free: 1-866-720-7239

Fax: 1-866-720-5977

Email: TeamSafety@GoToInfo.ca

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