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Powered by Aboriginal Link ®, this highly specialized portal is fully-dedicated to assisting individuals interested in locating and attending conferences and events of specific interest to Canada's Aboriginal Peoples. Events related to skill development, community improvement, economic development and 100's of other topics are identified and posted on this site. AboriginalConferences.ca provides some of the best Aboriginal events in North America.

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This two day workshop was designed specifically for elected Aboriginal leaders and focuses on the vital role that ethics plays in their daily lives and the importance of ethical leadership in an Aboriginal setting. The workshop examines rights, responsibilities and ethics, how they interact, and how each influences how Aboriginal elected officials carry out their day to day jobs. It looks at common situations faced in elected positions where ethical issues are at stake, examines critical questions leaders must ask when wanting to make an ethical decision and outlines the essentials for creating an ethical work environment.
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Ontario Hospital Association
The need to con??nuously improve the Canadian health care system is a constant, specifically in Aboriginal health care. This years conference will examine how Aboriginal health care leaders and partners are working together to sustain and honour traditional values and work within an integrated model. Discover the quality and coordination of care in Aboriginal health, while creating a strategic vision for long term success.
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The Conference Board of Canada
Canadas northern communities, environment, and resources are receiving much attention from governments, businesses, and the media across Canada and around the world. Global economic growth is creating a new hunger for the resources that the North holds in abundance. Climate change is opening new opportunities in shipping and resource development even as it threatens existing infrastructure and traditional ways of life. Increased investment, from within Canada and abroad, can bring benefits to the North, but also presents challenges for local communities and the environment.
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