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Powered by Aboriginal Link ®, this highly specialized portal is fully-dedicated to assisting individuals interested in locating and attending conferences and events of specific interest to Canada's Aboriginal Peoples. Events related to skill development, community improvement, economic development and 100's of other topics are identified and posted on this site. AboriginalConferences.ca provides some of the best Aboriginal events in North America.

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Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
Natural Resource Partnerships and Procurement: The natural resource sector has several business contracting needs providing the majority of opportunity for Aboriginal entrepreneurs and community owned development corporations. The opportunities are in transportation, construction, food and facilities outsourcing and exploration. Aboriginal community strengths have contributed to business growth and successful startups in these four areas. Experts and leading companies will explain where the opportunities are and how to successfully realize them. Producers in the natural resource sector will explain their procurement requirements and initiatives to grow business with Aboriginal suppliers and partners.
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Ontario Hospital Association
The need to continuously improve the Canadian health care system is a constant, specifically in Aboriginal health care. This years conference will examine how Aboriginal health care leaders and partners are working together to sustain and honour traditional values and work within an integrated model. Discover the quality and coordination of care in Aboriginal health, while creating a strategic vision for long term success.
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Understanding financial information is one of the key challenges facing elected officials in Aboriginal communities. Elected officials are an important element of the financial governance of any Nation. They must understand and interpret financial reports and information to make key decisions with significant impact on their communities. The workshop focuses on 1) building financial literacy and 2) developing financial capacity.
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This 2 day workshop will provide participants with a broad understanding of creating and maintaining good values and ethics within the Aboriginal workplace. The workshop will examine business ethics and how they relate to Aboriginal traditions. Participants will learn the fundamentals of human resource management and how to develop a code of ethics for your organization. We also explore how the issue of ethics impacts governance and accountability as well as all aspects of community and economic development activities.
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