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Powered by Aboriginal Link ®, this highly specialized portal is fully-dedicated to assisting individuals interested in locating and attending conferences and events of specific interest to Canada's Aboriginal Peoples. Events related to skill development, community improvement, economic development and 100's of other topics are identified and posted on this site. AboriginalConferences.ca provides some of the best Aboriginal events in North America.

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Many communities throughout the country are undertaking Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP) in an effort to improve their economic base while asserting their independence and ownership of community resources. Comprehensive Community Planning is a holistic process that enables a
community to build a roadmap to sustainability, self-sufficiency and improved governance capacity. It is a new approach to planning, where the process is steered by the community rather than a small group or committee. Planning is an important tool on the road to self-governance and building capacity in First Nations communities. Each community requires a unique approach to planning that can be adapted to their culture and traditions – it can help individual First Nations make a positive difference in addressing specific issues in their community.
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Learning to manage and report on performance is a big step on the path to selfgovernance. Financial information is one aspect of performance, however financial statements only give part of the performance picture. There are many other equally if not more important aspects of performance like:
Have our goals been met compared to what was planned? Do community members judge our performance to be satisfactory? Are our values and culture reflected and supported by our programs and activities?
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Increasingly, economic development is being recognized as a way for Aboriginal governments and communities to increase their wealth, citizen employment, and community pride, and to build the influence and financial resources needed for other important goals. Economic development can be approached in many different ways and it can all seem overwhelming. This workshop provides you with an understanding of what economic development is and encourages discussion about best practices and lessons learned, and provides the basic tools needed to begin your own successful strategic economic development planning process.
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Alberta Indigenous Games
The summer of 2011 will bring together Indigenous people from across North America to Edmonton, Leduc and Enoch Cree Naiton for 6 days of Sports, Education, and Cultural Awakening. The vision of our Games is to recognize the value and potential of Indigenous culture, and our young people. We will be Reclaiming our Youth through the wisdom of our own culture, and the amazing power of sport and personal achievement. The week will feature Indigenous Arts, Speaking, Music, Dance, and other Cultural Gatherings affirming the theme, Reclaiming our Youth.
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National Aborigianl Trust Officers Association
National Aboriginal Trust Officers Association (NATOA) is pleased to present the 5th Annual General Meeting. The meeting will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba at The Fort Garry Hotel. NATOA is commiftied to providing the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada with the resources and information that will help them efficiently create, manage, and operate trusts as a means to ensure the seven generations yet unborn, can benefit from the goals and dreams of the present generation. NATOAs goal is to be a highly professional and relevant resource for the Aboriginal Peoples in becoming self-sustaining and vital economic communities.
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