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The National Aboriginal Trust Officers Association (NATOA) and Shareholder Association for Research and Education is excited to invite you to the 1-day Reconciliation and Responsible Investment Workshop that will take place on April 27, 2017 at the Rama Casino Resort and Convention Centre in Rama, Ontario.
Join us for a 1-Day Workshop to provide education and capacity for indigenous investors. The workshop will work towards three goals:

  1. Training and capacity building for Aboriginal trustees on existing ways to conduct responsible investments.
  2. Feedback from Aboriginal Trustees on ways to integrate their traditional values into the oversight of Aboriginal trusts.
  3. Development of a set of expectations for investors consistent with the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report to inform the decision-making and stewardship activities of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal investment decision makers.


Please check back often for updates. We look forward to seeing you in Rama, ON!
For more information, please contact NATOA:
Toll Free: 1-866-409-1315
Fax: 1-866-462-7648

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NATOA is a national charitable organization that was established in 2006. We are dedicated to building knowledge about trusts and investments within Aboriginal communities to enhance the professionalism and accountability in the management of this important resource. We are committed to providing the Aboriginal Peoples of Turtle Island with the financial knowledge to ensure the seven generations yet unborn, have the ability to achieve their goals and dreams.  NATOA’s goal is to be a highly relevant resource for the Aboriginal Peoples in becoming a self-sustaining and vital economic communities.

SHARE is a Canadian leader in responsible investment services, research and education for institutional investors and offers proxy voting, shareholder engagement and consulting services, education and timely research that help investors integrate environmental, social and governance issues in the investment management process.

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Peace Hills TrustBuilding the Future with Pride and Tradition. Our highly specialized teams of experienced trust professionals are 100 percent dedicated to the successful administration of First Nation Trusts and supporting the financial development of First Nations and their membership. At one time, First Nation Trusts were simply vehicles to facilitate payment on specific claims. Today they have evolved to include impact benefit arrangements and economic development structures that promote growth and innovation for First Nations. Peace Hills has been an industry leader in adapting to the changing Trust environment. The company mission and focus is to partner with our clients on a long term basis to help you achieve your financial goals. Our Team is committed to working with First Nations to help guide you through the complex issues involved in establishing and administering Trusts and Trust Agreements. We know the First Nation Trust business because our trust team deals only with First Nation Trusts, and have been doing so for over 30 years.